24 August 2010


Zo!(n) -- 1. Metro Detroit-born, Metro DC-based musician/producer Lorenzo Ferguson. 2. An exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist who claims the piano/keyboard as his primary instrument, but is self-taught on the bass guitar, the drums, and most recently the guitar. 3. A Musical Architect who utilizes all sound elements to form original compositions that can be classified under no single genre of music.

With a catalog that dates back to 2001, Zo! began to generate interest in his music by completing and circulating five instrumental projects from 2001 through April of 2003. He began to receive the most attention from two particular titles - Zo! Presents...Passion & Definition (2004) and remix album Re:Definition (2005). Passion..., released in July of 2004, is a soul-driven instrumental album that boasts a 21-track lineup of thick low-grooving rhythms that all possess a wonderful warm quality. Both albums thoroughly showcase Zo!'s ability to expand musically as he plays all of the different instruments live.

Though largely known for his solo work, Zo! has collaborated with a variety of artists from the likes of Finale, Slum Village, Asylum 7, YahZarah and Sy Smith to Asheru, Kev Brown, Platinum Pied Pipers, Little Brother, and The Foreign Exchange. In 2004 he teamed with producer Waajeed of the Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP) to play keys on the lead single "Stay With Me" featuring vocalist Tiombe Lockhart, which appears on their debut album Triple P.

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