27 August 2010

Cee Lo talks to Zane Lowe

Kano- Method To The Madness

01. 2 Left: Topic Of Discussion (Produced By Boys Noize) 4:50
02. Get Wild Ft. Aidonia And Wiley (Produced By Boys Noize) 3:52
03. iPod Generation (Produced By Kano) 0:55
04. Maad (Produced By Kano And Fraser T. Smith) 3:24
05. Spaceship (Produced By Chase And Status) 4:31
06. Upside Ft. Michelle Breeze (Produced By Craigie Dodds) 3:04
07. All + All Together Ft. Hot Chip (Produced By Hot Chip) 3:39
08. Lady Killer Ft. Ghetts (Produced By Hot Chip) 2:30
09. Bassment (Produced By A13) 2:43
10. Crazy (Produced By Boys Noize) 3:37
11. Slaves Ft. Why Why Peaches (Produced By Craigie Dodds) 4:50
12. Jenga Ft. Vybz Kartel (Produced By Boys Noize) 3:59
13. Dark Days (Produced By Craigie Dodds) 4:48

24 August 2010


Zo!(n) -- 1. Metro Detroit-born, Metro DC-based musician/producer Lorenzo Ferguson. 2. An exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist who claims the piano/keyboard as his primary instrument, but is self-taught on the bass guitar, the drums, and most recently the guitar. 3. A Musical Architect who utilizes all sound elements to form original compositions that can be classified under no single genre of music.

With a catalog that dates back to 2001, Zo! began to generate interest in his music by completing and circulating five instrumental projects from 2001 through April of 2003. He began to receive the most attention from two particular titles - Zo! Presents...Passion & Definition (2004) and remix album Re:Definition (2005). Passion..., released in July of 2004, is a soul-driven instrumental album that boasts a 21-track lineup of thick low-grooving rhythms that all possess a wonderful warm quality. Both albums thoroughly showcase Zo!'s ability to expand musically as he plays all of the different instruments live.

Though largely known for his solo work, Zo! has collaborated with a variety of artists from the likes of Finale, Slum Village, Asylum 7, YahZarah and Sy Smith to Asheru, Kev Brown, Platinum Pied Pipers, Little Brother, and The Foreign Exchange. In 2004 he teamed with producer Waajeed of the Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP) to play keys on the lead single "Stay With Me" featuring vocalist Tiombe Lockhart, which appears on their debut album Triple P.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/zo#ixzz0xXMwozOp

Kanye West has revealed his plans to give away a free song every week

The rapper will release a track every Friday until Christmas.

He wrote on Twitter: "I know yall need the music so I'm dropping 1 new song every weekend until Xmas. It may be my song it may be a new Jay [Z] song etc. (sic)

"I'm calling it good Fridays. Yall know every Friday yall gone have a new joint from our family. We look at the game completely different now."

He added: "It's about the fans. No more holding back. That's why I dropped 'See Me Now'... It wasn't about me, it was about the Summer the BBQs etc."

It is thought that West will provide the music via his official website

Wretch 32 Feat. L - Traktor (BRAND NEW SINGLE)

An England Story -25 years of The MC in the UK


The development of Black music in the United Kingdom owes much to the influence of Jamaican and US music on each succesive generation of Carribean immigrants to the UK - from Windrush to the present day. UK based MC’s take these influences, mix them up with local references and styles thus creating an identity of Black British culture. This is constantly evolving not just musically but also in terms of each subsequent generation’s relationship to British society. As Tricky put it in Massive Attack's Blue Lines, of "English upbringing, background Caribbean” An England Story shows the links and musical path from the arrival of UK Dancehall and Soundsystems in the early 1980s, through successive musical movements such as Jungle, UK Hip-Hop, up to today’s Garage, Grime and Dubstep. The global pre-eminence of American hip hop means that music like grime and UK hip hop is often seen as a form of rap, whereas it owes as much to reggae music and culture as it does to any American influence. Black music in Britain has fashioned its own identity in contrast to that of America, Africa, or elsewhere, by drawing on the unique relationship that the UK has with the Caribbean. As Rodney P (of celebrated 80s UK Hip-Hop group London Posse) says: "This is a UK thing, it's hip hop and it's reggae and we do reggae - and those Americans don't know about that". Since the evolution of the 'fast chat' dancehall style of the early 80s, the influence of reggae music and culture has been crucial to the development of urban music in Britain: from the heavy sampling of Jamaican vocals/instrumentals employed by jungle, hardcore and garage, to grime's London take on the soundclash, the riddim version and patois-inflected rhymes. The importance of the Jamaican soundsystem concept and its dubplates, specials, clashes and heavy, heavy bass is a constant throughout these different stylistic mutations “An essential primer for your head, hips and feet.” The Wire “Two-disc CD celebrating the history of the MC. Crank this up!” DJ “Soul Jazz records’ excellent new compilation says more about cultural integration than any number of Mobo awards” The Guardian Read the full review Here “England Story is a vital reminder of the power of the voice. Essential” Observer Music Monthly. Read the Full Review Here “The electrifying creativity on An England Story hints at how great the future could be. Bigots of all colours will hate it.” New Statesman. Read the full review Here “As much a history lesson as a compilation” Q Please note: Tracklist for LP Vol.1 is tracks 1-11 Tracklist for LP Vol.2 is tracks 12-21.

Disc: 1
1. England Story - YT (1)
2. Somebody - Suncycle
3. Gotta Man - Doctor & Davinchie
4. So U Want More - Ty & Roots Manuva
5. My God My King - Papa Levi
6. Bump And Grind - Tenor Fly
7. Tika Toc - Skibadee
8. Ice Rink Riddim - Riko
9. Deep - Jakes & TC
10. Walk And Skank - Jah Screechie
11. Love Mi Ses - Top Cat (2)
Disc: 2
1. Tings Change - Warrior Queen & The Heatwave
2. Fashion Magazine - Glamma Kid
3. Champagne Body - General Levy
4. Money Mad - London Posse (2)
5. Ruffneck - Navigator & Freestylers
6. Dollar Sign - Stush
7. Ready She Ready - Tubby T
8. Red Letters - Blak Twang
9. Uptown Top Rankin' - Est'elle & Joni Rewind
10. Complain Neighbour - Tippa Irie

23 August 2010

Zo!-This Could Be The Night

Zo! of Foreign Exchange dropped “This Could be the Night”,  the first single from his forthcoming SunStorm LP.  The single features Darien Brockington and fellow Grammy-nominee Eric Roberson.
Download Single.

Little Dragon-Constant Suprises

Coultrain presents...Seymour Liberty- GodMustBeABoogieMan

St. Louis’ Coultrain (of PPP fame-it's spelled that way because his nickname was "Train" for the longest, not because he compares himself to the late, great John Coltrane.) drops a few more chapters in his epic Seymour Liberty series. This was a breath of fresh air right in time for fall with guest production from Black Spade, Teeko & more.

Inside Labrinth’s Laboratory

Producer extraordinaire Labrinth barely needs introducing. The beat he made for our 100th issue cover star Tinie Tempah earlier this year on the number 1 track Pass Out has literally been all over everywhere this summer. Labrinth though is about to embark on a solo career, after recently signing to Syco. Liam Tootill has been down to his studio to talk about who he’s been working with of late and to find out how this artist goes about the creative process of writing music…

What sounds can we expect to hear on your debut album?

Definitely funk, you’ve gotta love the Parliament Funkadelic and Prince, I also wanted to explore sounds that I’m not really used. I mean, I love Daft Punk, but I’ve never really produced a song in that sort of vein. I just want to go on a journey and kind of almost learn things through sound, if you get what I mean. I wanna be like a photographer of music, going into so many different worlds and taking pictures on my own, from my perspective. Like with Pass Out, at the time, you can hear drum and bass was affecting me, reggae and dubstep, so it all dropped into one picture, to put it like that.

RWD have heard word on the grapevine that you’re going to be releasing music with Wiley and possibly JLS – is there truth in either of these rumours?

I worked with JLS not too long ago and I produced a song for them and they said they weren’t gonna use it for this album because it was quite wild and a bit out there. But I do think there will be some stuff with JLS. It’s just fun to work with a group that are not necessarily from the style that I do and almost trying to give them a ‘cooler’ element in the urban scene. That’s what I really set out to do. That’s my ambition with JLS. And then, with Wiley, we’ve known each other for ages and known about each other and obviously – he’s the Godfather of grime – so I definitely wanted to work with him, just for the experience really.

And we’ve seen some tweets that Yasmin has been knocking about the studio…

Yeah she has. It was weird, like, Yasmin was just DJing and some people that I spoke with were being cynical about her becoming an artist, but the truth is, her voice is amazing man. She’s been hiding this little talent she’s had, this little bit of gold she’s had in her pocket, and she’s brought it out on a style that I kinda created for her, which is this kinda Massive Attack vs The Fugees and some other styles she told me she likes and so I tried to throw them all together and make something that is unique to her really.

How do you go about making music for an artist that you don’t necessarily know that much about before you begin working with them?

I just try and find out as much about them as possible and then make a musical picture using all the things they love. So, with most artists I tell them to bring stuff with them to the studio, even if it’s not music, it could be a picture, it could be things that they’re into, we’ll go on the internet and like – while I’m talking to them I’m seeing them do certain things, and if they’re silly, or if they’re a very angry person then I can bring that onto a song, I kinda know how to express that because me being an artist myself I understand how to express those emotions. For example, with Pro Green, with Oh My God, what I saw in him was those cheeky lyrics and he’s this gritty guy from east London and I wanted to kind of express that and he’s also moving into sounds that he’s not really come from, like indie, dubstep, drum and bass – he’s moving into those sounds now as well, and I wanted to express that in Oh My God.

That’s very interesting. Another person we’ve heard you’ve been trying to work with is pop starlet Ellie Goulding, is that true?

Yeah, well a little while back Tinie came to the studio and was like, ‘Ellie’s feeling you man, she’s feeling what you’re doing’ and I was like, ‘I would love to work with her’ and then it was just circling through the industry. It seemed every meeting I would go to people told me Ellie was feeling me and I just was like, ‘I need to meet this girl’ and she ended up coming down and jumping on one of Tinie’s records we got, and definitely still looking to work with her again man. I want her on my album actually.

So is this the studio where Pass Out was produced?

Yeah man, this is the room. This is where the magic with Tinie happened. But you know Frisky was produced on my laptop at my manager’s house. I was staying there and late in the night I got this idea and it just kinda dropped out on my laptop.

When you created those beats had you spoken with Tinie first about the direction he was gonna go with in terms of the lyrics?

No way.

So you show him that and then he’s feeling it and thinks brilliant…

Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. Pass Out was already semi created when Tinie came. So, it was eight bars and then I showed it to him and he was like, I got an idea, and he just had like a chorus and threw it down on that eight bar. And then like I said earlier, when I get a vibe from someone I just start throwing down a whole beat, and it was no different with Tinie, I met him, felt his vibe, and just started putting his vibe on the song. With Frisky, again, same kinda thing, I started an idea, threw it to Tinie and he was just like, ‘I’m feeling this’ and just threw his energy on it.

If we just quickly have a look around the studio, I can see multiple synths, keyboards, you got your mixing desk there. What software do you use to create your tunes and talk me through a bit of your kit…

Ok, first and most important software that I use is actually my vocals [Labrinth goes in and makes some funky sounds with his voice to demonstrate before breaking out into a laugh]. Seriously though, that is the best instrument that you can have because it makes my beats for me. It’s like, I will put down a break beat, but only after I’ve beat-boxed that break beat first and then I’ll find a sound to go with what I wanna do, whether that be a chord or a melody, it usually comes from my voice first, and then I would probably go to my BFD drums – I love those BFD drums. I love a bit of Vienna strings – actually the whole Vienna set – strings, piano, orchestral sounds, the whole little thing there. And all that’s on Logic Pro. It’s a bit of a dirty secret yeah, but I used a lot of Logic presets on Pass Out, and people would probably kill me for that but I kinda made them work man, you know what I mean. I love my bass and guitars. I love my telecaster so much, this one’s amazing man [pulls his telecaster off the wall] it’s quite beautiful, she’s kind of baby blue. I just love the sound. I’ve also got my JX-3P – it’s like an old eighties keyboard and it does me some beautiful justice when I wanna bring out those weird little eighties sounds.

What do all your different synths do?

Ok, if I’m looking for melodies and little over-tones I’m going for the microkorg or the JX-3P. For inside the computer I’d go for either the mini-moog – I love that – or, the PolySix. Nord Lead is perfect for that as well and for those gritty bass sounds I’d go for the Nord Lead too. But I wanna say it again, most of the time I really do just use my mouth for a lot of things, like, a lot. Like, some of my bass lines I have on tracks is me just making bassy sounds with my mouth and it works. My mouth is my biggest plug-in really. I keep forgetting what my mic is called, but it’s amazing, let me just put it like that, it was five grand. And now I’m going for the ten grand one. Thing is, in truth I’m about to upgrade a lot of my kit in this studio.

I’ve noticed over there you’ve got some Beats by Dre headphones…

I got myself some Dre Beats. I’m trying to sell them man, not sell them literally, I mean, I’m trying to promote them so I can get myself some free Dre Beats, because I wanna get sponsored. I want some Lab Beats. There’s this rumour going around, that this guy in Universal puts Dre Beats on every artist, so if you watch videos very closely from artists that come from Universal or Interscope they all have Dre Beats in their videos.

What was the last piece of music that you listened to?

You know what, I was listening to Kiss, the band, I was watching their documentaries, and that was funny. It’s a bit weird, because it’s not in any of my music.

Finally, being part of Syco, do you have Simon Cowell’s number in your phone?

No, he won’t give me his number, he thinks I’m gonna give it to my girlfriend. She really likes him.

He must have your number in his phone?

He probably doesn’t you know, I didn’t wanna give him my number. We keep it very exclusive. He’s still my uncle, but we keep it exclusive. If I get a number 1 then he’s probably gonna want my number.

(Written by Liam Tootill on 20 Aug 2010 for RWD Magazine)

John Legend & The Roots ft. Common & Melanie Fiona - Wake Up Everybody

Kele - Everything You Wanted

The video for Kele's (Bloc Party) brand new single 'Everything You Wanted' released on the 16th of August.

21 August 2010

Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff: This Way [Album Sampler]

Ayah is a 22-year-old multi-talented, self-taught R&B singer and composer from Toronto, by way of Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Seattle. As you might expect from someone so well-traveled, Ayah's music showcases her enchanting voice against a unique and diverse musical backdrop -- an eclectic infusion of classic soul and rock, R&B, hip hop and Arabic influences. She is currently finishing work on her second album, a collaboration with legendary hip-hop producer DJ Jazzy Jeff Spinner recently spoke to Ayah as she finished a rehearsal in preparation for her SXSW showcase at the Crucial Club.http://rapidshare.com/files/414313487/This_Way_Album_Sampler.zip.html

Describe your sound in your own words.

I think my sound is a subtle mixture of everything that I've been exposed to, throughout my travels and my life. They're not obvious sounds, per se -- it's not just Arabic music, it's soul from here, a beat from there, certain riffs that I may do in an Arabic style. Living in Toronto, there's a lot of hip-hop and a lot of multiculturalism. I think my sound is reminiscent of the past and hopeful for the future, and I just want it to stay true to whatever feels natural to me. I think it's soulful.

How did your band form?

Well, lately I've been using the same musicians, but it's not Ayah the band, it's Ayah the artist, you know? Also, I do play piano, but with all that goes on with my live show, I'm not comfortable enough to play live yet, I'd rather just sing. It's easier to focus. For SXSW, I'm debating, maybe an acoustic set, just to keep it intimate, or maybe using a full band, I'm not sure yet.

What are your musical influences?

My musical influences stem all the way from Marvin Gaye to Cheb Khaled, who's this great Algerian singer. I had my little time a while ago where I started a rock band. So I was really into Nirvana and Guns 'n' Roses and people like that. It's really just a mix of stuff from different eras and phases of my life, what I've seen and heard and learned.

How did you come up with your name? Or did your parents?

My real name is Myrna, and that's kind of an old-school name. That doesn't really fit for me. I was thinking I needed a name that is Arabic and means something. I remember meeting a couple of Ayahs in my life, and I really liked that name. I looked it up, and "Ayah" means "miracle" or "sign," and I thought that was really cool.

What's your biggest vice?

Cigarettes. No, actually, music. I'm still listening to a bunch of older stuff, lots of local artists like my friends here in Toronto, and also I'm also listening to Erykah Badu, 'Mama's Gun,' I always listen to that, it's one of my favorite albums. I'll always listen to Andre 3000. There's some people that come out, you know, you listen to them for a while, but after the hype is over, you go back to what you grew up on. At least I do.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

No one, never, no way. I don't do celebrity crushes!

What's your musical guilty pleasure?

Miley Cyrus? No, not really. Let's see... that country chick, the young one, what's her name. Taylor Swift! I like her stuff.

Beatles or Stones?

"Beatles. They're both obviously dope, classic bands, but since my dad grew up in England around that time, at University and such, from going through his record collection I mostly listened to the Beatles. Plus, I learned a lot of their stuff when I learned piano, and I really enjoyed their music on a songwriting level.

What's the craziest thing you've encountered while on tour?

People knowing the words to my songs, that's weird to me. I'm sure that's not the answer you're expecting. People probably say something about underwear or whatever, but no, people crying or knowing the words to my songs is it for me. 


DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - My World (Just A Girl) 03:16
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Catch Me 04:46
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Forgive Me Love 04:17
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - He Don't Want It 04:37
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Be Allright 03:30
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Back For More 01:30
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - You're Here (LAdam) 01:22
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Might Not Be 01:20
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Last Night 02:10
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - You Only 01:46
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Wonder 01:24
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Notorious 00:22

20 August 2010

Katy B - Katy On A Mission - OUT 22nd AUGUST!

Ive always been a pretty big Katy B fan even before I knew who she was from hearing her on a couple of funky tracks, various bands (Illersapiens) & other collaborations ...this is the latest addition to her discography! Her debut solo single produced by Benga

Kanye West and Bon Iver confirm collaboration ... and Bieber's next

Bon Iver worked on "at least 10 songs" with Kanye West, the indie folk act has confirmed, joining artists like Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj on the rapper's upcoming album. "[Bon Iver's] similar to me," Kanye West explained this week. "He just does shit just so people [will] be like, 'Oh shit, how did you do that? How did that happen?'"

When rumours broke of a collaboration between West and Bon Iver, fans scarcely expected such a quick confirmation – and from both sides! But both West and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon have already gone on the record, talking about hanging out, smoking up, making music and playing basketball. In a new interview with Pitchfork, Vernon described three separate week-long trips to West's Hawaii studio, working as a kind of amped-up session musician. "I was literally in the back room rolling a spliff with Rick Ross, talking about what to do on the next part of a song," he recalled. "It was astonishing."

Speaking to Rolling Stone, West said he was introduced to Bon Iver's melancholy by the owner of French label Ed Banger, Pedro Winter. Winter played him the song Woods, an Auto-Tune-heavy track from Bon Iver's Blood Bank EP, explaining plans to sample it. West allegedly asked if he could use the sample instead – and next you know it, he was ringing Wisconsin. "I called [Justin] and we ended up becoming like really good friends, playing basketball together everyday, and going into the back studio [to] just record his parts," West said.

Vernon recalls that first conversation. "[Kanye] was like, 'I like how you sing so fearlessly. You don't care how your voice sounds. It'd be awesome if you could come out to Hawaii and hear the track, and there's some other shit I think we could throw down on.' I was just like, 'Yeah, cool man!'" Vernon ended up contributing more than a stale sample – he arranged new "choir-sounding stuff", "thickening out" vocal parts, writing hooks. West even gave him a separate studio, a "tiny back room", to record ideas. "It was fucking fun, man," Vernon said. "Just a bunch of uber-talented people and everyone was really nice and chill and just working on Kanye's record."
At least one of these collaborations, a "festival closer" song called Lost in the World, is a lock for West's album, due 16 November. But others could appear, too. More weirdly still, this may not be the end of Vernon's hip-hop adventures: "Shit's ... coming in," he said. "I could probably have some shit lined up to work on if I wanted to have a bunch of kids and not tour again."
In other up-to-the-second Kanye West news, the rapper has proposed that he and Wu-Tang Clan founder Raekwon make a song with teen singer Justin Bieber. "EPIC," Bieber declared. At a New York club, West also debuted another new song, Mama's Boyfriends, featuring a prominent sample of Billy Joel's Movin' Out. Say what you will about Ye – it's all curiouser and curiouser!

Source: Guardian.co.uk - Monday 16th August 

New music from Cee Lo

If you sign up to the mailing list on his website you will receive two free tracks!


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