24 February 2011

The Electric - FREE EP (DJ Vadim's new group ft Pugs Atomz & Sabira Jade)

‘Some things in life never change: the great taste of freshly buttered toast, political scandal, the unpredictable UK weather interrupting play, and DJ Vadim building sonic vibes on tour!

The renowned beat taster known for traveling the globe in search of the best musical influences unites a collective of superb individualistic artists to make a truly international super-group – The Electric.

The brainchild formed during DJ Vadim’s worldwide tour for his last LP, “U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun” (BBE), The Electric gathers the talents of Chicago's freshest upcoming MC Pugs Atomz, UK sultry soulstress Sabira Jade, and of course Daddy Vad himself. Their sound gravitates around the core value of heartfelt music stemming from artistic honesty, one that starts conversations and tells emotional stories of break-ups, hook-ups, beauty and celebration.

‘The Electric’s songs are filled with more triumph, more sadness, more faith in the supernatural, much deeper feelings’ - DJ Vadim.

Download the FREE EP here.

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