26 June 2011

Wes Felton-'Land of Sheep, Ran by Pigs, Ruled by Wolves

Washington native and renaissance man, Wes Ellington Felton (a.k.a W. Ellington Felton, Wes Felton, and Dub Ell)releases “Land of Sheep, Ran by Pigs, Ruled by Wolves“, his 13 track canvas featuring mesmerizing guest appearances from musicians and scholars such as Sy Smith, Michael Eric Dyson, Yahzarah, Kenny Wesley, Marshall Keys, Lysette Titi, King Pen Slim, and more.


1. This Is My Echo feat. Tobias Felton
2. Brown Hornet
3.A Sheeps Plea feat. Marshall Keys
4.Tell A Vision feat. Sy Smith
5.A Word from Dr. Valentine (interlude)
6.Monster of a Diary
7.So Under Pressure
8.Cupid’s Murder in 3D
9.Take The Place to Another Place
10.My Echo X.Olude
11.We Gone Fly feat. K’Alyn and Uptown X.O.
12. Trendsetting Hustler feat. Lysette Titi and King Pen Slim
13.I Remember feat. Michael Eric Dyson, Welton Logan, J Hill, V Rich, Alison Carney, Steve Crockett, Kenny Wesley, Yahzarah St. James, Saleem Hue Penny and Frederic Yonnet

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