10 February 2012

Michael Kiwanuka-'Tell Me A Tale'

Here's the sum total what I know about
Michael Kiwanuka: He's from North London. He's 23. He's supported Adele on tour.

His new single, Tell Me A Tale, is allegedly a brand new recording, but I'd be willing to bet he found it down the back of Bill Withers' sofa, and is now trying to pass off as his own work. It's just too authentically rootsy to be a product of the 21st century.

But amazingly, somehow, Michael has managed to replicate the compressed, analogue recording techniques of Donny Hathaway and Bobby Womack: The vocals are too hot; the drums are mixed with casual disregard; the brass section is apparently punching its way out of a cardboard box.

Track list:

01.Tell Me A Tale
02.I Need Your Company
03.Worry Walks Beside Me

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