20 October 2010

Mix Tape: Mr Thing - Champion Nerd

There's something about collecting vinyl that brings the nerd gene to the fore-front.

Yep, the quest to find original breaks and beats which have been flipped by producers past and present can be an all-consuming one. I know this, because I am a record nerd - there's no two ways about it.

As such, I've gone through phases of digging in the crates, picking up dusty sides used by master beat makers.

I have no idea what I'll ever do with them, of course - my production experience is limited to two loops running simultaneously for three and a half minutes. But god damn it, I found them there records anyway! Three record nerd cheers for me!

One avid digger who does know what to do with his hard-earned vinyl finds is Mr Thing, one of the UK's best hip hop DJs and producers.

If you've had the pleasure of seeing Thing in the mix, you'll know that he can absolutely destroy any dance floor. But his latest mix tape, Champion Nerd, demonstrates his meticulous digging skills as well.

So what can you expect from Champion Nerd? A ton of original breaks of the funk, soul and reggae variety - including cuts used for songs by the like of Kanye West, J-Dilla, Common, Mos Def, Large Professor, Little Brother and Q-Tip amongst many others - all dug out of the vinyl archives and zigga-zigga-ed to perfection by Thing.

It's not all obvious stuff, mind. But it's all definitely top notch... perfect for you (okay, us) record geeks to sit around and play 'spot the sample' with. Don't front. If you're a hip hop record nerd, you know you're gonna do it.

Download it here.

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