9 October 2010

Tall Black Guy

<a href="http://tallblackguyproductions.com/track/we-can-ride-the-boogie">We Can Ride The Boogie by Tall Black Guy Productions</a>
Terrel Wallace (a.k.a. Tall Black Guy), uses his self-made label to fuse vintage soul sounds with progressive hip-hop beats. Born and raised in Detroit, his signature sound is a multi-layered blend of melodic basslines and samples (anything from Bossa Nova to classic soul), which is all seamlessly woven together with sharp kicks and snares.

<a href="http://tallblackguyproductions.com/album/tall-black-guy-vs-michael-jackson">Tall Black Guy Vs Michael Jackson by Tall Black Guy Productions</a>
[Myspace]- www.myspace.com/tallblkguyproductions

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