17 May 2011

Dub Echoes

At first, one might think that reggae and dance music don’t have much to do with each other. But that’s a false perception. The documentary “Dub Echoes” aims to show how this Jamaican invention called dub ended up influencing much of the music we hear today, from electronic music to hip-hop, transforming the studio in a musical instrument and giving way to all of sonic experiments.
“Dub Echoes” was produced by a Brazilian crew, in Kingston (Jamaica), London (UK), NY, Washington, LA (US), Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil). Key names, from both reggae and the electronic music world, talk about the birth of this genre, how it helped to change the way we perceive music and how it’s presence can still be felt today.

Just follow the bass lines!

Dub Echoes (2009) - trailer from Bruno Natal on Vimeo.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

This album is a celebration of all things Dub and related, featuring rare classics alongside new tracks from the pioneers and futurists of this electronic musical form. Musical worlds collide as Francois Kervorkian meets Jamaican DJ legend U-Roy, and German techno giants Rhythm & Sound meet Cornell Campbell. Also featuring Jamaican originators such as King Tubby, Lee Perry, Prince Jammy and Bunny Lee, alongside electronic futurists and Dubstep artists such as Kode9, Harmonic 313 (Warp) and LV (Hyperdub), as well as hip hop pioneer Roots Manuva and original junglist Congo Natty.

1. Roots Manuva — Witness (Walworth Road Rockers Dub)
2. Rebel MC / Congo Natty — Creation Rebel
3. Disrupt — Sega Beats

4. Dub Syndicate — Forever More

5. Harmonic 313 — Dirtbox

6. King Tubby — Psalms of Drums

7. Kode9 and Spaceape — Sine Of The Dub

8. Andre 'Suku' Gray — Sign Rhythm

9. U Roy and Francois K — Rootsman

10. King Tubby — Ruffer Version

11. LV featuring Dandelion — CCTV

12. Rhythm & Sound with Cornell Campbell — King In My Empire

13. King Tubby — Jah Jah Jehovah Version

14. Digital Dubs vs. Dubiterian — Deb Dub

15. The Congos — Congo Man Chant

16. Cotti — Run Tings

17. The Upsetters — Rejoicing Skank

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