19 May 2011

King-'The Story' EP

Over the past couple of weeks a bit of a storm has been brewing on across the web about the debut EP release from an american all girl collective known as KING.

KING are described as ”a soulful, organic trio of young women here to bring a fresh creativity to music and change the world through their art”. They consist of twin sisters Paris and Amber Strother and Anita Bias who hails from Los Angeles. They write all their own songs and Paris fully produces the tracks herself. These three talented ladies saw their musical stock rise considerably over the past month after Questlove and Phonte began tweeting about their love for KING. What ensued was a series of articles about the trio and their fantastic tunes. Their debut EP, The Story, is an amalgam of sounds that feature the best parts of R&B, soul, and electronic music. And it all makes for a vibe highly reminiscent of what we have heard from Blouse'n' Skirt favorite the Foreign Exchange.....I have listened to it myself and I gotta say it's pretty dope

Download EP!

1. The Story The Story by weareKINGworldwide 2. Supernatural Supernatural by weareKINGworldwide 3.Hey Hey by weareKINGworldwide

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