28 July 2011

Exclusive Download: Nostalgia 77 Remix Track

Contemporary jazz aficionado Benedic Lamdin, known as Nostalgia 77, will release his new EP Beautiful Lie (Tru Thoughts) on July 26. But before he drops the whole EP, comprised of live and remix versions of tracks off his 2010 full-length The Sleepwalking Society, next week, we are giving away an exclusive download of one of the cuts off the release.

“Beautiful Lie (Natural Magnetic Remix)” morphs the original from a jazzy, bossa nova-ish groove into an avant garde downtempo electronica track while retaining the original’s calm mood. Nostalgia 77 worked on the remix with
Natural Self and Fringe Magnetic‘s Rory Simmons, as well as bringing in German singer Josa Peit to re-record the vocals she provided on the original.

Nostalgia 77′s
Beautiful Lie EP is a bit of a departure from his usual jazz, but Lamdin has by no means abandoned his roots. Still smooth, creamy, and definitely jazzy, the tracks on the upcoming EP channel a certain amount of the blues and folk energy Lamden brought to the making of The Sleepwalking Society.

Download “Beautiful Lie (Natural Magnetic Remix)”
here, and stream it below.

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