12 July 2011

James Blake-'James Blake'

He’s been named the 2nd most anticipated Sound of 2011 by BBC, so here’s a chance to get familiar with the rising producer. Considered part of the post-dubstep genre, James Blake seems to be in a field of his own. Stevie Wonder and dubstep group Digital Mystikz name a few of his influences, and you can definitely see that in this track. Note: it’s best heard through a good pair of headphones or the best speakers in your house.

01. Unluck (3:03)
02. Wilhelms Scream (4:36)

03. I Never Learnt To Share (4:52)
04. Lindesfarne I (2:42)
05. Lindesfarne II (2:59)
06. Limit To Your Love (4:40)
07. Give Me My Month (1:53)
08. To Care (Like You) (3:54)
09. Why Don’t You Call Me (1:36)
10. I Mind (3:34)
11. Measurements (4:20)

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