21 December 2011

Alison Carney-'Alison Wonderland'

It’s been four years since Washington DC native Alison Carney released anything new, today marks the release of her new mixtape (or free LP – she doesn’t mind what you call it) alisonWonderland.

Featuring “borrowed” productions from Diplo, J.Dilla, Benzi and Flying Lotus (to name a few) as well as some original compositions the 12 tracks within are all embedded with Alison’s very clear, very clean, very cool vocals. I really enjoy her free-spirit inflections, in some ways she reminds me a little of Terri Walker and in others of Muhsinah (I hate making comparisons, but it’s true) but she remains very much her own character throughout.


1. Alison Carney - Intro Down The Rabbit Hole

2. Alison Carney - Crazy

3. Alison Carney - He Luvs Me

4. Alison Carney - Stellar

5. Alison Carney - Japanese Candy

6. Alison Carney - Lifetimes The Right Time Feat. Awthentik

7. Alison Carney - Off With Her Head

8. Alison Carney - Hey There

9. Alison Carney - I Wanna Rock Feat. Kokayi

10. Alison Carney - Flow

11. Alison Carney - In High Places

12. Alison Carney - Wonderland Outro

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