21 December 2011

The Boxettes-'EP'


The lineup: Isabel Ehresmann, Alyusha Chagrin, Yvette Riby-Williams, Neo Joshua.

The background: Yesterday's new band kind of forced themselves on us – they had to be written about because they're going to be unavoidable, and besides, they make the sort of noise (musical and lyrical) that commands attention. The Boxettes are another outfit who intruded on our field of vision and ever so impolitely demanded we look (and listen). Then again, how could we not write about an all-girl a cappella group who combine unison singing, solo vocalising and beatboxing to such breathtaking effect?

That's "breathtaking" as in: they regularly rob audiences of their breath because, as we say, all the sounds, the beats and the "instrumentation", are provided by the four girls; and "breathtaking" as in: can you imagine how much huffing and puffing is involved in creating a song from scratch using just your voice?


DreamsThe Boxettes

HattieThe Boxettes

Vibe With YouThe Boxettes

FreeThe Boxettes

Free (Mass Remix)The Boxettes

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