18 September 2011

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- 'Bulletproof Brass'

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble proudly present their new release titled “Bulletproof Brass,” a 6 song mini album showcasing this family band’s unrivaled musicianship and universal appeal...

Spring 2011 saw the group reform (like Voltron) in their native Chicago to record a selection of the many new songs they have written over the past few years touring and recording. Mesmerising melodies and pulsating rhythms that sound from another world are like a remedy or tonic to the listener in this digital age of over produced music. Bonafide, raw and unadulterated; HBE’s music grips the listener and brings them on a trip to another world teaching the true value and meaning of music.

Bandleader Hudah says of the new record
“The EP ‘Bulletproof Brass’ is part of the next mission for HBE. The stage in our quest for completely rescuing music from the hands of vultures, and parasites. Our mission starts with us as ‘Starfighters’, wearing ‘Bulletproof Brass’ armour. ‘Touching The Sky’, HBE began taking ‘Kryptonite’ from the ‘Black Boy’, travelling the galaxy and cosmos, HBE crushed all fear of peace, with the most fierce battle being fought on ‘Pluto’. HBE is victorious, in becoming ‘World Champions’, in the war on music. In our opinion, we need to create new dialogue regarding how great the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are. By releasing singles, producing music for artist's, creating relationships with our fans to develop our brand...”

1 Starfighter
2 Touch the Sky
3 Pluto
4 Kryptonite
5 World Champions
6 Pluto feat. Phil Kelan Cohran

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