16 September 2011

What's In Your Bag- Prince Whipper Whip (The Fantastic Five)

Prince Whipper Whip is a pioneering Hip-Hop MC from the Bronx, New York. Born James Whipper, he began his career with Grandmaster Caz, became a member of The Mighty Gestapo in 1978, went on to form the Salt and Pepper MCs with Dot-A-Rock, was briefly a member of the Cold Crush Brothers, and then joined Grand Wizard Theodore's Fantastic Five. Grand Wizard Theodore is credited as the inventor of two DJ techniques: the scratch and the needle drop. The group (also known as the Fantastic Freaks or the Fantastic Romantic 5), released a 12", "Can I Get A Soul Clap," in 1980 and appeared in the influential Hip-Hop movie, Wild Style, in 1981. The group broke up in 1983, having never recorded an official album.

Prince Whipper Whip (a.k.a. the Bronx Puerto Rican Prince) was one of the first Latino Hip-Hop MCs and one of the first MCs from New York to travel to the West coast, where he performed with Ice-T and Afrika Islam. Prince Whipper Whip has also collaborated with Afrika Bambaataa and appeared as a guest MC on records by DJ Honda, The Beatnuts, Brother Ali, De La Soul, and DJ Z-Trip.

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