6 September 2011

Wu Tang & Jimi Hendrix- 'Black Gold'

Tom Caruana, a 28-year-old music teacher from Brighton, wcaused quite a stir last year with Enter the ­Magical Mystery Chambersan album which mixes Wu Tang Clan raps with Beatles instrumentals. ­Caruana has been releasing records ­online for years, but nothing had that much impact. He had a Twitter shout-out from Wu Tang member Raekwon, been interviewed by the New York Times and seen more than 30,000 ­copies downloaded from his website (teasearecords.net). The album's big twist is that many samples are taken from ­obscure Beatles covers, by everyone from ­Dionne ­Warwick to the London Jazz Four. ­Having matched them so seamlessly with the Clan's tough rhymes and a series of Beatles interview clips, it's ­obvious Caruana is a producer of considerable imagination, skill and potential.

Following up from last years success, Tom Caruana blends the Wu-Tang’s raps with the rock ‘n roll soul of Jimi Hendrix for this mixtape titled Black Gold.Fans of both the Wu and Hendrix should appreciate this 36 Chambers meets Woodstock mash-up!

01. Intro
02. House Of Flying Daggers
03. When The Fat Lady Sings
04. Collector's Material
05. Special Delivery
06. Last Call
07. P.L.O. Style
08. The Wind Cries Mary
09. The Experience
10. I Don't Live Today

11. 10 Bricks

12. Star Spangled Banner
13. Hey Joe
14. Tooken Back
15. It's Not A Game
16. The Switch Up
17. KFF2000
18. Kiss The Sky
19. Dirty Fox
20. Holla
21. I Can't Wait
22. Summin Gotz To Give
23. Street Rap
24. Burning The Midnight Lamp
25. What's Happenin'
26. The Hood

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